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28 September 1986
External Services:
  • pink_endlicheri@livejournal.com
Name: Jenn (Iffer)
Age: 20
Height: 160cm
Weight: 45kg
Blood Type: A

The Star
I own a button stating "I'm Famous in Japan". One day it'll be the truth. I'm a star in my own sense and cool in the same way. However, not everyone shares my sense, actually, you'd be lucky if you find one person who does. So, needless to stay, I may stand out in a crowd. But that's the life of a star, right?

To possible allies
This journal may contain traces of:
~Rants in languages other than English
~Pr0n Fanfiction
~Music reviews or reflections
~Things you shouldn't do at home
~An excessive obsession with my lyrics jounal, romaji_lyrics
~General strangeness
Become a star
There are a fair amount of friends only posts in this journal. Friends only posts will usually consist of serious matters, NC-17 rated material (like fanfiction) and other things I may just not want the general public to know I play a roll in. So, if you want to read any of this, feel free to add me. I add practically everyone back, so it's no problem.
ambiguity, animals, arashi, arcades, asian food, b'z, being strange, bisexuality, bittorrent, boxers, bullshitting, bump of chicken, calligraphy, cell phones, chinese, colours, computers, concerts, dancing, daydreaming, decorating, diet pepsi, dir en grey, dorama, doumoto kouichi, doumoto tsuyoshi, dragons, drawing, dreams, dyed hair, electronics, ellegarden, emotion, endlicheri endlicheri, english, fairy tales, fake?, fanart, fanfiction, fanservice, fansubbing, fantasy, fashion, final fantasy, fish, forensics, french, games, girls, girly guys, glay, graphic editing, guitar, guys, halloween, harry potter, hyde, icons, idols, iffer, indie music, insomnia, instant food, internet, j-pop, j-rock, japanese, japanese television, johnny's jimusho, kamenashi kazuya, kanjani8, kanji, karaoke, karate, kat-tun, ken lloyd, kinki kids, kirito, korean rock, kyo, l'arc~en~ciel, languages, learning, linguistics, lyrics, mad skill, magic eight ball, manga, matthew good, meaningful relationships, miyavi, movies, mr.children, music, myself, mythology, nature, oblivion dust, obscurity, orange, osaka, peace, philosophy, photoshop, piercings, pierrot, pink, plastic tree, playstation, politics, pop culture, pr0n, protest, psychology, purple, rain, randomness, ranting, reading, rings, rollerblading, romaji lyrics, romanizing, sakurai sho, sarcasm, savage garden, sex, shiina ringo, singing, smoking, snow, soccer, storms, sunsets, takui, tatoos, thai rock, the sex, tokio, tourbillon, translating, tsubaki, uniqueness, v6, variety television, video games, vocals, walking around at night, wolves, writing